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Psiphas Systems
will assist your organization in:

Assessing applicant suitability.
Evaluating applicant Integrity problems.
Executing periodical Personnel Assessments.
Performing peer assessment (Sociometric Evaluation).


Development of new diagnostic tools and improvement of existing tools, based on professional
psychometric standards. The diagnostic tools include various types of intelligence tests, tests
of additional abilities (spatial perception, mechanical reasoning etc.), and questionnaires to
evaluate various personality components. It is also possible to computerize paper-and-pencil tests
of the client, which can also be incorporated in the computerized system.

Psychometric Research
Design and implementation of research to evaluate the effectiveness of diagnostic and placement
systems. Evaluation of the reliability of the components of the system, and testing the various
types of validity. Identifying redundancy in the evaluation tools and/or the need for additional tools.

Applied Research
Design and implementation of research in the area
of human resources in general, and worker evaluation
specifically, including the assessment of the quality of
the worker evaluation process, analysis of evaluation
trends, comparison between organizational units, identification
of training needs and enrichment etc.

Candidate Questioning
In situations where the results of the integrity test are not
conclusive and in jobs where the component of integrity is significant,
the candidate may undergo a “face to face” questioning by our expert
interviewers. This questioning is based on the results of the PsyPass
integrity test.
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